Published every five years, the Canadian Diabetes Association's Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada represent the best and most current evidence-based clinical practice data for healthcare professionals. On a global stage, the Guidelines support the Canadian Diabetes Association's status as a leader in diabetes prevention and management, and help physicians guide their patients in the screening, prevention, diagnosis, care, management and education for Canadians living with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

The Canadian Diabetes Association's mission is to lead the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while we work to find a cure. We deliver our mission by:

  • Providing people with diabetes and healthcare professionals with education and services
  • Advocating on behalf of people with diabetes
  • Supporting research
  • Translating research into practical applications

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2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines Committees

Executive Committee
Alice Cheng MD FRCPC
Vincent Woo MD FRCPC
Gillian Booth MD MSc FRCPC
Maureen Clement MD CCFP
William Harper MD FRCPC
Aileen Knip RN BScN MN CCHN(c) CDE

Steering Committee
Lori Berard RN CDE
Onil Bhattacharyya PhD MD CCFP
David Fitchett MD FRCPC FESC
Ronald Goldenberg MD FRCPC FACE
Stewart Harris MD MPH FCFP FACPM
Robyn Houlden MD FRCPC
Lawrence Leiter MD FRCPC FACP
Daniele Pacaud MD FRCPC
Bruce A. Perkins MD MPH FRCPC
Stuart Ross MB ChB FRACP FRCP(C)
David M. Thompson MD FRCPC
Jean-Francois Yale MD CSPQ FRCPC
Catherine Yu MD FRCPC MHSc

Expert Committee
Andrew Advani MBChB PhD FRCP(UK)
Filiberto Altomare MD FRCSC
Kathryn Arcudi PDt CDE
Marni Armstrong SEP-CEP PhD
Howard Berger MD
Ian Blumer MD FRCPC
Keith Bowering MD FRCPC FACP
Shelley Boyd MD FRCSC
Vera Bril MD FRCPC
Gerald Brod MD FRCSC
Sarah Capes MD MSc FRCPC
Andre C. Carpentier MD FRCPC
Dale Clayton MHSc MD FRCPC
Pam Colby RD CDE
Robert Dufour MD MSc
Paula Dworatzek PhD RD
Roland Dyck MD FRCPC
Jean-Marie Elme MD CSPQPD
John Embil BSc (Hons) MD FRCPC FACP
Denice Feig MD MSc FRCPC
Jeremy Gilbert MD
Richard E. Gilbert MBBS PhD FRCPC
Jeannette Goguen MD MEd FRCPC
Rejeanne Gougeon PhD
Steven Grover MD MPA FRCPC
Gordon Gubitz MD FRCPC
Betty Harvey RNEC BScN MScN
Robert Hegele MD FRCPC FACP
Cheri Hernandez RN PhD CDE
Jonathan G. Howlett MD FRCP(C) FACC
Celine Huot MD MSc FRCPC
Nadira Husein MD FRCPC
S. Ali Imran MBBS FRCP(Edin) FRCPC
Charlotte A. Jones PhD MD, FRCPC
Helen Jones RN MSN CDE

Erin Keely MD FRCPC
Glen P. Kenny PhD
Nadia Lilian MD FRCPC MSc
Angela Koh MD
Sharon Kozak BSN CDE
Ram Krishna MSc (Physics) Post Grad Dip Bus Admin
Philippe L. L'Allier MD
Pierre LaRochelle MD PhD FRCPC
David C.W. Lau MD PhD FRCPC
Richard Lewanczul MD PhD
Peter Lin MD CCFP
Meera Luthra MD FRCPC
Lori MacCallum BScPhm PharmD
John MacFadyen MD FRCPC
Gail MacNeill BNSc RN MEd CDE
Andrea Main BScPhm CDE
Philip McFarlane MD PhD
Angela McGibbon PhD MD FRCPC FACP
Graydon Meneilly MD FRCPC FACP
Amanda Mikalachki RN BScN CDE
David B. Miller MD FRCPC
Beth Mitchell PhD CPsych
Richard Nahas MD CCFP
Mariam Naqshbandi Hayward BA MSc
Richard I. Ogilvie MD FRCPC FACP
Constadina Panagiotopoulos MD FRCPC
Breay W. Paty MD FRCPC
Ronald Plotnikoff PhD
Luc Poirier BPharm MSc
Ally P. H. Prebtani BScPhm MD FRCPC
Diana Provenzano BCom CA
Zubin Punthakee MD MSc FRCPC
Remi Rabasa-Lhoret MD
Doreen M. Rabi MD MSc FRCPC
Thomas Ransom MD MSc FRCPC
Sonja Reichert MD MSc CCFP
Ravi Retnakaran MD MSc FRCPC
Cindy Richardson MD FRCPC
Michael C. Riddell PhD
David J. Robinson MD FRCPC FAPA
Robert S. Roscoe BSc Pharm ACPR CDE

Edmond Ryan MD FRCPC
Elizabeth Sellers MD MSc FRCPC
Peter Senior MBBS PhD MRCP
Mathew Sermer MD FRCSC
Arya Sharma MD/PhD DSc (he)
Mukul Sharma MSc MD FRCPC
Diana Sherifali RN PhD CDE
John Sievenpiper
Ronald J. Sigal MD MPH FRCPC
Frank Stockl BSc MD
James A. Stone MD PhD FRCPC FACC
Jean-Claude Tardif MD FRCPC FACC FCAHS
Daniel Tessier MD MSc FRCPC
Cory Toth MD FRCPC
Michael Vallis PhD RPsych
Christina Vinolmroff PDt
Sean Wharton MD FRCPC PharmD
Diane Wherrett MD FRCPC
Dana Whitham RD MS CDE
Sandi Williams MEd RD CDE CPT

Independent Methods Review Committee
Gillian Booth MD MSc FRCPC Chair, Methods
Sonia Butalia MD FRCPC MSc
Dereck Hunt MD MSc FRCPC
Charlotte McDonald MD MSc FRCPC
Valerie A. Palda MD MSc FRCPC
Doreen M. Rabi MD MSc FRCPC

Cost Consideration Working Group
Alice Y. Y. Cheng MD FRCPC, Co-Chair
Jeffrey Johnson BSP MSc PhD, Co-Chair
Gillian Booth MD MSc FRCPC, Chair, Methods Alun Edwards MD, FRCPC
Jeffrey S. Hoch MA PhD
Larry Lynd BScPharm PhD
Ronald J. Sigal MD MPH FRCPC

External Reviewers
Ronnie Aronson MD FRCPC FACE
Iqbal Bata MD FRCPC
Jean-Louis Chiasson
Gary A. Costain MD
Keith Dawson MD PhD FRCPC
Peggy Dunbar MEd PDt CDE
Hertzel C. Gerstein MD MSc FRCPC Professor
Robert J. Gardiner MD FRCPC
Audrey Hill RD CDE
Stacey Horodezny RD
Shanin Jaffer MD MHSc FRCPC
Pamela M. Katz MD FRCPC
Anne Kenshole MB BS FRCPC
Tessa Laubscher MBChB CCFP FCFP
Sora Ludwig MD FRCPC
Sara J. Meltzer MD FRCPC FACP
Bulangu L. Nyomba MD PhD FACE
Blair J. O'Neill MD
Brian Scharfstein Certified Pedorthist
Robert D. Silver MD FRCPC FACP
Boji Varghese MD FRCPC
Bernard Zinman CM MD FRCPC FACP

American Diabetes Association
M. Sue Kirlman MD

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist
Zachary T. Bloomgarden MD FACE

Canadian Association of Optometrists
Richard E. Lee BSc OD

Hypertension Canada
Raj Padwal MD FRCPC

Canadian Ophthalmological Society
Philip Hooper MD FRCSC
David Maberley MD FRCSC MSc (Epid)

The College of Family Physicians of Canada
Catherine Faulds MD CCFP FCFP ABPHM
Paul Nehra MB ChB FCFPC

Diabetes Hong Kong
Professor Ronald Ma Ching Wan

Heart and Stroke Foundation
Shadab Rana MD MPH

National Aboriginal Diabetes Association
Lea Mutch RN MN

National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia
Professor James Best

International Diabetes Federation
Anne Belton RN MEd CDE
Renee Bowers RDt MAd Ed CDE
Helen McGuire MHSc CDE

Maternal Fetal Medicine Committee
Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada
Robert Gagnon (Co-Chair), MD
Emmanuel Bujold (Co-Chair), MD
Melanie Basso RN
Hayley Bos MD
Richard Brown MD
Stephanie Cooper MD
Joan Crane MD
Katy Gouin MD
Savas Menticoglou
William Mundie MD
Christy Pylypjuk MD
Anne Roggensack MD FRCSC
Frank Sanderson MD

Diabetes Educator Section Executive
Canadian Diabetes Association
Anne Garrett RD MEd CDE
Rita Fitzgerald PDt CDE
Louise LeFebvre BSc RD

National Nutrition Committee Canadian Diabetes Association
Andree Gagnon DtP
Alexandra L. Jenkins PhD RD
Krista Loessl RD CDE
Maria Ricupero MHSc CDE RD
Rema Sanghera MA CDE RD
Donna Vine BScHon PhD
Sharon Zeiler BSc MBA RD

Tracy Barnes MA MJ Executive Editor
Jovita Sundaramoorthy MSc Vice President
Ryan Moffat BA Senior Manager
Vay Chen-Deziel BSc (Hon) Coordinator

Lisa Bicum Designer
Maureen Rice MA MLIS Research Librarian

Dissemination and Implementation Committee
Content and guidance for guidelines.diabetes.ca has been provided by the Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines Dissemination and Implementation Committee.

Catherine Yu MD FRCPC MHSc, Chair
Ian Blumer MD FRCPC, Past Chair
Lenley Adams MD FRCPC
Lori Berard RN CDE
Frédéric Bernier MD MHA FRCPC
Alice Cheng MD FRCPC
Sharlene Clarke BSc(Dietet), RD,CDE
Maureen Clement MD CCFP
Alun Edwards MD FRCPC
Pierre Filteau MD
Laurie Gibbons Senior Policy Analyst, Chronic Disease Strategies Division
Maureen Gibbons MD
Ronald Goldenberg MD FRCPC FACE
William Harper MD FRCPC
Amy Hendricks MD FRCPC
Susie Jin RPh CDE
Shelley Jones RN BScN CDE
Ram Krishna MSc (Physics) Post Grad Dip Bus Admin
Elaine Landry MD
Tessa Laubscher MBChB CCFP FCFP
Peter Lin MD CCFP
David Miller MD FRCPC
Sherri Pockett
Rick Siemens B.Sc. Pharm. B.Sc. Biol. CDE CPT
Ronald J. Sigal MD MPH FRCPC
Christina Vaillancourt MHSc RD CDE

Tracy Barnes MA MJ Executive Editor
Vay Chen-Deziel BSc (Hon) Coordinator
Carolyn Gall Casey BASc Director Education
Maria Lagman Executive Assistant
Ryan Moffat BA Senior Manager
Jovita Sundaramoorthy MSc Vice President

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