Choosing the Right Pharmacotherapy

Case Study

Evan is a 48 year old real estate executive who has had type 2 diabetes for the last 6 years. He has been treated with metformin for 2 years and is now taking 1000 mg bid. He is in for a visit and his A1C is 7.8%. He has no other co-morbidities and your goal A1C for him is < 7.0%. He has been successful at achieving this until now. He cannot think of any change in his lifestyle behaviour that could account for this increase in A1C. You both decide it is time to initiate a second pharmacologic agent.

Question 1: Which one of the following is NOT important to consider in selection of Evan’s next pharmacologic agent?

A.  His age
B.  Drug cost
C.  Risk of hypoglycemia
D.  Effect on his weight
E.  Expected A1C lowering
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