Am I at Risk for Developing Diabetes?

Patient Tool

How do you know if you’re at risk for diabetes?

Check out the Canadian Diabetes Risk Questionnaire (CANRISK):

   Click here to view a printable and downloadable version of CANRISK
   Click here to view an interactive online version of CANRISK

You should see your doctor to check if you have diabetes if you:

Determined yourself to be at high risk or very high risk using a risk calculator such as the CANRISK Questionnaire
Are over 40 years old
Have risk factors for diabetes (see below)

My risk of developing type 2 diabetes is increased by the risk factors listed below. The more risk factors I have, the greater my risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • I am 40 years old or older
  • Diabetes runs in my immediate family (Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister and/or children)
  • Either or both of my parents are African, Arab, Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous, or South Asian
  • I have been told I have prediabetes
  • I am a woman who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy
  • I am a woman and at least one of my babies weighed 9lbs or more
  • I have heart disease (history of heart attacks, strokes, TIA (mini-strokes))
  • I have kidney, nerve or certain eye conditions that are associated with diabetes
  • I am overweight
  • I carry my excess weight around my belly
  • I have high blood pressure
  • My good cholesterol (HDL) blood level is low
  • I have high triglycerides
  • I smoke
  • I have any of the following:
    • History of pancreatitis
    • Polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Acanthosis nigricans
    • Hyperuricemia/gout
    • Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
    • Obstructive sleep apnea
    • Depression
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Schizophrenia
    • HIV infection
    • Cystic Fibrosis
  • I take certain medications including:
    • Anti-inflammatory steroids
    • Antipsychotic medications
    • Medication for lowering cholesterol (statins)
    • Highly active antiretroviral therapy
    • Anti-rejection drugs
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