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ABCDES of Diabetes Care

  GUIDELINE TARGET (or personalized goal)
A A1C targets A1C ≤7%
If on insulin or insulin secretagogue, assess for hypoglycemia and ensure driving safety
B BP targets BP <130/80 mmHg
If on treatment, assess for risk of falls
C Cholesterol targets LDL-C <2.0 mmol/L
D Drugs for CVD risk reduction ACEi/ARB (if CVD, age ≥55 with risk factors, OR diabetes complications)
Statin (if CVD, age ≥40 for Type 2, OR diabetes complications)
ASA (if CVD)
SLGT2i/GLP1ra with demonstrated CV benefit (if have type 2 DM with CVD and A1C not at target)
E Exercise goals and healthy Eating 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity/ week and resistance exercises 2-3 times/week
Follow healthy dietary pattern (i.e. Mediterranean diet, low glycemic index)
S Screening for complications Cardiac: ECG every 3-5 years if age >40 OR diabetes complications
Foot: Monofilament/Vibration yearly or more if abnormal
Kidney: Test eGFR and ACR yearly, or more if abnormal Retinopathy: yearly dilated retinal exam
S Smoking cessation If smoker: Ask permission to give advice, arrange therapy and provide support
S Self-management, stress, other barriers Set personalized goals (see “individualized Goal Setting” panel)
Assess for stress, mental health, and financial or other concerns that might be barriers to achieving goals

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